Apex Sky Medical Clinic provides OEUK Medical assessments for individuals seeking to work in offshore oil and gas operations. An offshore medical exam is a prerequisite for anyone working in offshore oil and gas exploration and production environments. It is a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health and fitness, ensuring you are physically and mentally capable of working in demanding offshore conditions.

Our clinic has OEUK-registered physicians who are highly experienced and qualified to conduct these assessments. As per the guidelines set by OEUK (Oil & Gas UK), only an OEUK registered physician can perform the examination and issue the OEUK offshore medical certificate.

During the OEUK Medical assessment, our physicians will assess various aspects of your health and well-being. This includes reviewing your medical history, conducting a thorough physical examination, evaluating your vision and hearing, assessing lung function, and performing blood and urine tests. Additionally, drug and alcohol screening and a psychological assessment will be conducted to ensure your suitability for the offshore environment.

Once the assessment is complete, our physicians will review the results and determine if you are medically fit for offshore work. If you meet the required criteria, you will be issued an OEUK offshore medical certificate, which proves your fitness to work in the industry.

It is important to note that the OEUK offshore medical certificate has a validity period, typically two years. After this period, you must undergo a renewal assessment to maintain your certification.

If you are considering a career in offshore oil and gas operations, do not delay completing your mandatory offshore medical exam. Contact our clinic today to schedule your OEUK Medical assessment in Calgary. Our OEUK-registered physicians will guide you through the process and provide you with the necessary certification to pursue your career in the offshore industry with confidence and peace of mind.