Health brings Happiness

We provide many services at the Apex Medical Clinic.

Family Physician

A Family Physician is the one who addresses all your concerns and illnesses. He/she acts as a confidante who works with you along with many specialists who are required in some special cases. He/she is the primary provider whom you can meet for all your health needs.

Walk in Services

We have walk-in services as and when they are required. The patients can walk in whenever they need a consultation even during regular operation hours.

Women's Health

We are accepting patients for gynecological exams including IUD insertions, contraceptives management, STI screening and menstrual problems. We also have a PAP clinic where PAP tests are done for the patients. Patients can also self refer.

Chronic Disease Management And Dietician

Chronic diseases are conditions which are long lasting, non-reversible and often requires thorough examinations, education and awareness about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We provide the benefit of CDM(Chronic Disease Management) nurse to address all your health needs along with dietician to educate about Canada's Food Guide.

Employment + Insurance Medicals

The health of your employee is vital to their performance at work. Apex Medical Clinic provides employment medical check up. It is specifically designed to provide convenient and comprehensive Medical care to protect medical resource investment

Pediatric Care

Apex medical Clinic provides healthcare to patients of all ages including the pediatric population. As we all know , health concerns of the younger population can be different from adults. Our Doctors ensure that your children receive optimal treatment at our clinic.

Pre-Natal And Post-Natal Care

We provide prenatal and postpartum care as well as new born/ infants care of obstetrical patients. Doctors here see patients up to 6 Months of pregnancy and transfers to an obstetrician for the final 3 Months

Drivers Medical Exam

Our Physicians perform drivers physicals in accordance with Alberta Ministry of Transportation regulations. Drivers should phone the clinic to book an appointment.

Annual Physical Exam

Complete Physical Exam are booked once a year and should be booked well in advance. Yearly Physicals give the physicians an opportunity to assess your health status, reconsider and renew medicines and discuss preventive health care.

Vaccinations and Immunizations

We cater vaccination Tetanus and Pneumovax immunization for all. We also give travel vaccinations to people who are traveling abroad. We also give safety tips to our patients depending on the country they are visiting.

Workers' Compensation Board

We provide WCB services which gives an opportunity to the injured worker to get medical assessment and care quickly with a focus to return to work and rehabilitation.

Health Management Nurse

To help our patients, we have specially trained nurse for management of chronic health problems like Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Dyslipidemia etc.